Maryanne J. Mays Certified Feng Shui Design Consultant


Even a bowl of 9 (a fortunate number) lemons!
In Feng Shui, a bowl of 9 “fresh” lemons attracts an energy of Health and Good Fortune!
Here’s how it works…
After we place the vibrant bowl on the counter,
We are suddenly inspired to wipe down the counters and clear them of appliances, papers and clutter.
We open the cabinets and throw out chipped dishes and random glassware.
Hmmm, “the kitchen could use a fresh coat of paint. ”
As we take a break in the family room, we decide it’s time to purchase a few fabulous pillows for the sofa.
Since we’ve gone this far, why not tackle the garage and closets?
After a few days of massive decluttering, we actually “feel” a free flow of energy, Chi, throughout the house.
We are happier, we sleep better, and we can think with clarity.
Our lives are transformed!

Effectively Implement Feng Shui In Your Home