9 Lemons For Athletes

Feng Shui For The Professional Athlete

“Visualize the shot.”

The skill of visualization is a vital tool for success as a professional golfer.
In fact, visualization is a learned skill that can significantly benefit any athlete, entrepreneur, student, or person trying to realize a dream.

Visualization is simply believing and seeing a specific result before it happen.

Since professional athletes have mastered most of the physical skills specific to their sport,  it is often their mindset that separates them from their peers.

A clear mindset opens a clear path.

Professional athletes are often trained in visualization techniques.

Many Sports Psychologists place tremendous emphasis on the power of visualization.

So, isn’t it logical to have your home or training environment support and enhance the positive skills learned from a sports psychologist?

Visualization is intentional.

Feng Shui is intentional.

Feng Shui reinforces and supports visualization.

Seeing positive affirmations, feeling clutter-free space, opening an organized refrigerator, reading under good lighting , getting a restful night’s sleep, and relaxing in room with balanced furniture placement are all part of creating a harmonious, positive living space.

Your home is the key. The vital link.

When your home is in balance, your life is in balance. The possibilities are endless.

Your front door, The Mouth of Chi, is the secret portal to your success.

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