9 Lemons For Business

The Conference Room, Reception Area , Executive Offices, Individual Cubicles and even the Break Room are vital spaces in every business. The location and design of each space has a direct impact on decision making, personnel morale and profitability.

Many business leaders worldwide have embraced Feng Shui design. Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson are just a few of the high-powered businessmen who have implemented Feng Shui principles into their work spaces and building design.

Some of the important factors considered when designing for businesses spaces are color choice, lighting, desk placement, and even the shape and material used for a conference table. For example, an oval or round wooden conference table is ideal. The curved edges reduce negative energy, Chi , and the wood element promotes new growth and new ideas. Chair comfort is important but not to the point where employees are compelled to socialize after a meeting. Red chairs or walls increase confrontation. A solid glass room poses problems for concentration.

Keeping all areas clutter-free with clear and easy walkways allows positive energy to flow throughout the entire office.

Employees enjoy lowered stress levels. Guests feel welcome.

Fresh ideas, creativity and problem solving strategies ensue.

Please call for a consultation… The positive possibilities are endless.

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