Simply defined, Feng ( meaning wind ) Shui (meaning water ) is the Chinese ancient art of placement. Intentional Placement. Objects, possessions, and furniture are intentionally placed in specific areas to promote health, abundance, and prosperity. Remember, everything around us has energy .

The energy flow, CHI, from objects and environments collides with our personal energy flow. Have you ever walked into a home and immediately felt uncomfortable? Have you been seated at a table in restaurant near the front door or close to the kitchen? Chances are, you did not relax during your dinner. Is your bed place under a window ? You are probably finding it difficult to sleep. We can feel when an environment is comfortable or disturbing, spacious or claustrophobic, orderly or unkept.

Feng Shui taps into these feelings bringing design techniques to a higher level. Feng Shui can influence the energy with the use of a Bagua map. The map indicates the precise areas of your environment which have energies specific to wisdom, career, wealth, health, family, love, fame, and helpful people.

In Feng Shui, everything in the world can be divided into five elements, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth. Within your environment, these elements are represented by corresponding colors, shapes, textures and energy quality. For example, a mirror is reflective thus representing the water element as do blue throw pillows or a black doormat. The water element invokes relaxation, spirituality and refreshed energy. Excessive water elements result in the feeling of instability or “ I can’t keep my head above water.” The Bagua or Pakua Map ( placed over your house floor plan) indicates the precise element needed for each room based on your intentions. If your bedroom is located in your wealth and prosperity section of the map, you will need touches of purple and a perhaps a table fountain to enhance wealth energy.